Safe Environment

Sexual Misconduct

Preventing / Responding / Reporting

Sexual misconduct by clergy or other Church ministers is never acceptable. We recognize the that it can have devastating consequences above all for victims and their families, and for the Church community at large.

In ministry with God’s people we must strive to create worship, education and work environments where we all treat each other with dignity , charity and respect.

Our obligation to minister in healthy and holy relationships flows from the mission give us by Jesus, in whose name we serve.

Sincerely in our Lord,

Most Reverend Robert W. McElroy

Bishop of San Diego

Toastmasters at St. Mark’s

Toastmasters at St. Mark’s!

Saints Toastmasters is underway via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7pm! To join or for information, please email:

Mike Saunders


Special Needs Workshop Thur. Oct. 29, 2020

Presented by: Ana Barraza

This workshop is designed for an in person, virtual, or hybrid learning setting with fun and creative ways to start of the new catechetical year. 



Prayers at work for Alex Yiu












I want to thank Father Bruce, all the Pastors and the St. Mark’s community for including our son Alex in prayers for the sick at all the masses. St. Mark’s has been an anchor for my faith through many challenges in my life and with Alex. I wanted to share with you,  Father Bruce and all the Pastors Alex’s story that was aired on NPR Morning Edition this morning, link is below. I formed a support group for families with undiagnosed children 5 years ago. If you come across any families, please direct them to



Caroline Cheung-Yiu (Alex’s Mother)