As Christian women of simple faith, we glorify Our Lord Jesus Christ by serving His Holy Church, St. Mark’s, in many capacities, spiritually, socially, financially, and through the labor of our hands, to help maintain its presence in this place and time. We also strive to inspire one another to greater levels of faith, goodness and love.

  • We calendar a monthly meeting/luncheon for social interaction, for organizational reports and to call attention to issues within our church and community for greater understanding of our Christian responses.
  • We open our meetings in prayer, relying on the intercessions of Our Blessed Mother, who inspires us to draw more deeply on our gifts and talents given to us by God.
  • We organize and attend a yearly Women’s Retreat each year for the spiritual growth of the women in our parish.
  • We take advantage of the opportunity to attend one hour of adoration each Friday.
  • We maintain and help supply the altar linens and cloths in order to undergird the sacrifice offered each day at the main church and on Sundays at the mission church.
  • We raise funds through swap meets, the gift shop, bake sales, and other yearly events to maintain the altar and support worthy causes within the community.
  • We provide comfort for our bereaved members and their families, providing receptions after funerals for family members and friends.
  • We serve one of the dinner to the homeless during the period of time they are sheltered at St. Mark’s.

The Women’s Guild meets at noon on the first Wednesday of the month for a monthly luncheon in our St. John Paul II Center multipurpose room. All ladies of the parish are welcome!


For more information please contact the bulletin or fill out the Ministry Interest Form below:

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