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Date(s) - 09/07/2019 - 10/27/2019
12:00 am


Young Adult Synod    (Sep 7th-Oct 27th)


Please pray for our young adults

“The goal of the synod is to engage young adults to dream big and make decisions about walking with Christ ad to engage the local church to accompany them in this mission of Jesus. (Pope Francis)

Young adults are exploring five key aspects of their spiritual lives in response to Pope Francis’ invitation.


  1. Walking with God… evaluate their spiritual and personal relationship with God.
  2. Walking with the Church… assess their participation of the Catholic Church today.

III. Walking in Solidarity… explore how they are welcomed and accompanied in their parishes.

  1. Walking with Purpose…explore their calling in life by assessing their leadership, their sense of social service and making a difference in life as a Christian.
  2. Walking towards Freedom… explore the elements of this Christian Freedom.