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Date(s) - 12/02/2019 - 12/23/2019
6:30 am

St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church



Friday, Dec. 20  St. Mark 6:30 pm –Spanish

Monday, Dec. 23  St. Mark 6:30 pm –English



Examination of Conscience

“Care for your spiritual life, your relationship with God… “

Am I a Christian who is not nourished by prayers and the sacraments?

Do I study the Word of God?


“Care for your family life… “

Do I give my family time, attention, and love?

Do I care for their daily needs?

 “Heal the wounds of the heart with the oil of forgiveness … “

Have I forgiven others who have hurt me?

Have I said “I’m sorry” to those whom I have hurt and have tried to make amends?

“Watch how you speak… “

Do I need to purify my everyday language from offensive words, vulgarities,

         and phrases used in the worldly decadence? Do I gossip about others or tell false truths?

“Care for your work… “

Do I work with enthusiasm and passion?

Am I humble enough to thank the Lord for my accomplishments?

Do I use my God-given skills and talents in the service of others?

“Avoid envy, lust, hatred, and negative feelings… “

Are my thoughts and actions destructive toward my relationships, especially with those whom I love?

Do my thoughts destroy my inner peace?

Do I say insulting things when it would be better to remain silent?

Do I surround myself with angry or destructive people?

“Reach out to those who need you… this is how you will be judged… “

Do I assist the weak, the elderly, the sick?

Do I stand up for foreigners or for those who are oppressed?

Do I feed the hungry and shelter the homeless?

“Let go of … “

The bitterness that brings us to revenge …

The laziness that leads to existential euthanasia … The finger-pointing that leads to pride…

The complaining that leads to despair. . .



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Friday, Dec. 20  St. Mark 6:30 pm –Spanish

Monday, Dec. 23  St. Mark 6:30 pm –English