Update on Fiesta 2016

Winner ca

Grand Prize Winner of #22,222.22  Celeste Baker

Other Cash Prize Winners Are……

Ana Espinoza

Martin Esrella

Kaye Woods

Michael Abbate

Stephanie Killion

Manuel Mosqueda


Our 1st $250.00 Early Bird Raffle Winners were

Melissa Nguyen

Diego de La Torre

Bill and Elaine Pew

Toyota Camry!! -Sold at Fiesta!
Our parish car, originally buy cialis ed online purchased by our former Pastor, Msgr. Thomas
Healy is a silver 4-door Toyota Camry and is a 1992 model.
The Camry was sold to the highest bidder, Benito Escobedo who had the highest bid at $3,050!
Thank you to all who participated!