The Four Principles of Good Stewardship and Sacrificial Giving

  • I will give back to the Lord the first portion of all that I receive. (The Lord doesn’t deserve my leftovers).
  • In response to the nature of the Lord’s love for me-My gift will be sacrificial. It will have a bit of a bite to it. It will be a little more than I am comfortable with in my daily life.
  • I recognize that the Lord calls me to tithe, to strive to give 10% of whatever I receive by the way of material blessings, wages, allowance, pensions, inheritance, lottery winnings, etc.  I can do this step by step, increasing 1% at a time).
  • In recognition of our Lord’s teaching in the letter of St. Paul, “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”  ( 2-Cor. 9:7).
  • I will consider my envelope to be a wrapping for my gift and I will cheerfully deposit my gift in the collection basket. (I will not scowl or frown at the usher passing the basket.)