Stewardship at St. Mark’s

Stewardship is a living example of discipleship. It is picking up our daily cross and following Jesus. We do this by living as a steward of Christ: taking care of something that belongs to someone else. How can we be stewards and follow Jesus in our own community?

God has blessed us all with talents; some we are aware of and others we may not realize yet. Using our talents to do God’s work can be one of the most personally fulfilling opportunities of our life.

Let us consider others as we enjoy the gifts we are blessed with. Take care not be consumed with material items but to appreciate and share them in order to bring justice and charity to those in need. There is no answer to how you should give; give according to what you have been given.

The gift of time is exactly that — a gift. We must treasure this most precious gift God has given us for we do not know how much of it we have. Let us use our time at home amongst family and friends, at work interacting with colleagues and throughout our lives to conduct ourselves in the spirit of God’s commandment: “love thy neighbor as we love ourselves.”  Let us be influenced through participation at Mass to lead a Christ-centered life and to bring faith to our future generations through the gift of our time.