Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Help feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.


St Mark/United Methodist Homeless Shelter

 (Dates Differ Each Year)

For two weeks each year, St. Mark’s and co-host, United Methodist (800 W. Mission), house and feed the homeless. Our guests (no more than 12) come to us from the Escondido Interfaith Shelter where they are screened, set up with a program to hopefully find work suitable for qualifying them for permanent housing.

How can I help, you ask?  It is simple Volunteer or Donate!

BE AN OVERNIGHT HOST:  (2 people eat & sleep at the shelter for 1 evening until 6a.m.)

SUPPLY A MEAL:  Usually 2 persons coordinate and supply food for 16 persons.  (12 guests +2 shelter hosts + 2 overnight hosts)

DONATE MONEY:  Money should be left at the church office.  Be sure to designate it “For the homeless shelter.” Make checks out to St. Mark’s or use on-line giving.

DONATE FOOD and/or SUPPLIES:  (Bring to church office & designate for the homeless shelter.) Not all churches have their own linens so sheets and blankets are always welcome. Any leftovers go to Escondido Interfaith. We Always Need: Socks and Gloves


Thank you for considering assisting this wonderful ministry. We look forward to hearing from you.

To Help Click Here!  Homeless Shelter Response Form