Pier Giorgio Food Pantry- Items Needed


Our Pier Giorgio food pantry is open every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 1:30-3:00pm and is located in the garage behind our  parish office.

To make a donation, you may place non-perishable food in the receptacles that are found at the

entrances of the church.




Items Needed:

Cooking Oil, Rice, Peanut Butter, Jams/Jelly,

Cereals, Oatmeal, Coffee,


2018 Peter’s Pence Collection this Weekend

Next week, our second collection will be for Peter’s Pence, which provides Pope Francis with the funds he needs to carry out his charitable works around the world.

The proceeds benefit our brothers and sisters on the margins of society, including victims of war, oppression, and disasters.

Please be generous. For more information, visit www.usccb.org/peters-pence.





  • Do you have a favorite ministry, parish or school that you want to support?

  • Do you want a legacy in your name or do you want to honor someone special?

  • How will you make your contribution?

  • Will you use cash, appreciated securities, real estate or another asset?

ENDOWMENT FUNDS provide an annual source of funding to a Catholic organization of your choice.  This fund is designed to function in perpetuity, making it possible for you to ensure long-term financial support to your chosen cause.  Once established, anyone can make additional contributions to the fund in any dollar amount.

NON-ENDOWED FUNDS are fully expendable, non-permanent funds that offer a convenient way for donors to contribute to a wide variety of charitable causes.  This fund allows you ro make a charitable gift donation, receive full and immediate tax benefits in that calendar your and grant from that fund in the current year or future years without timing or minimum payout restrictions.

DESIGNATED BENEFICIARY FUNDS are created for specific religious, educational or charitable organizations that are near and dear to the heart of the donor.  Grant distributions are made to the designated organization, consistent with the specific intent of the donor.

“Our parish has been such a cornerstone for our life that we knew it was our responsibility to give back.  By establishing an endowment fund for our parish, we know that the fund will continue to bear fruit in perpetuity.”

FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS are intended to address the needs of an important area of focus for religious, educational or charitable organizations.

K-8 Catholic education is the stepping stone to a life of discipleship.  I established a tuition assistance fund to assist families in providing their children with an education like mine, which has meant so much to me.”

DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS are established by donors who have a range of charitable interests and wish to participate in the future grantmaking process for fund.

“ My family donates to numerous San Diego nonprofits.  Establishing a Donor Advised Fund with the foundation has centralized our giving through one organization and one giving vehicle while having to deal with one tax receipt.”

UNRESTRICTED FUNDS may be used to provide grants for any purpose consistent with the charitable mission of the foundation as determined by the board of trustees.

“I made an unrestricted gift because the foundation understands what the greatest needs are in our Catholic Community and how to aid them”



CCGSD.ORG or call Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego (858) 490-8365.


“Everyone must give according to what he or she has inwardly decided; not grudgingly, for God loves a cheerful giver.  God can multiply his favors among you so that you will always have enough of everything and even surplus for good works.”   2 Cor. 9: 7-8

Looking for Donations for the Upcoming Fiesta Dinner Dance

This year’s  Fiesta Dinner Dance will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2018.  Instead of a Silent Auction, we will have Opportunity Drawings and we need your help!   We are asking Church Ministries to donate a basket of goods for the drawings.    These donations could be in the form of  new unused items, cash, gift cards, etc.  If you wish to donate cash for a basket, please let us know if you have a preference for the basket theme.  Since we have a limited amount of space, we are planning on 10-12 baskets.  Several Ministries could go in together on a basket of their choosing.


Here are a few suggestions, based on popular items from past years:

Lottery Scratch Off tickets

Gift cards to restaurants

Movie theater tickets

Gardening tools

BBQ equipment

TV’s or other electronics

Spa packages

Kids baskets

Sports baskets

If you wish to assemble you own basket, that’s wonderful!  Please send the completed baskets into the Church office by July 6, 2018.
If you need help in packaging the items, please send them into the Church office no later than June 15, 2018.   These baskets take time to put together and we would like to give them the attention they deserve!
Thanking you in advance for your help and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Gran Fiesta Committee

Explore Transplant

Presneted by Rose Corpuz


The Explore Living Donation Education Program has helped thousand of kidney patients nationwide make an informed choice about their treatment options.



Rose Corpuz  is one of the 93,000 individuals who are waiting for a healthy kidney. If you would like to help Rose please call 1-858-657-7729

To speak to the living kidney coordinator or call Rose at 760-925-1408. 


Saint Patrick’s Catholic School Reunion

Saint Patrick’s Catholic School Reunion

All former/current students, staff, and families are invited to join us on Saturday July 21. 

Reunion Mass 4:30 PM. at St. Patrick’s Church. Party to follow at Patrick’s School Campus 5:30-7:30pm

Register at   www.stpatrickcarlsbad.com


Explorer Day- Is God Calling You To Become a Priest?

Office for Priestly Formation and Priestly Vocations


The next Explorer Day is scheduled for Saturday, July 14, 2018 for those men who are interested in exploring a possible vocation to the priesthood.

The day will be held at St. Francis Center on the campus of the University of San Diego from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

To register contact one of our parish priests.


See Explorer Day Flyer and Registration Form for more information or call Fr. Lauro Minimo at St. Francis Center at (619) 291-7446.


Women’s Guild Corporate Communion Mass 

Women’s Guild

Corporate Communion Mass 


All ladies of the Women’s Guild should attend the 9am Mass on June 3rd.  (The first two rows in the church will be reserved)





Sherlyn Aguilar

Arlet Almazo

Monserrat Almazo

Jenny Aparicio

Citlaly Arenas

Antonio Arreola

Jessica Arizmendi

Aidee Arroyo

Anahí Aquino

Jesús Aquino

Hugo Baca

Jonathan Barbosa

Brenda Bautista

Christian Bautista

Alex Benavides

Edwin Bucio

Alexander Cárdenas

Fernando Carrizosa

Nery Castillo

Kimberly Chaparro

Vanessa Chaparro

Alberto Cruz

Alberto Cruz

Erick Cruz

Heidi Cruz

Alison Cuin

Anahí Cuin

Kiara De Alba

Rebecca Díaz

Ezequiel Domínguez

Yadira Domínguez

Christian Donoe

Ximena Espinoza

Mariana Esquivel

Valerie Ferretiz

Enrique Franco

Alexa García

Joseluis García

Vanessa García

Ashley Guillen

Alexander Gómez

Christopher Gómez

Daniel Gómez

Brandon González

Mariana González

Gustavo Guzmán

Ángel Daniel Hernández

Elizabeth Hernández

Lucia Elizabeth Hernández

Jesús Jiménez

Nayelli Juan

Mónica Karina López

Daniela Loyola

Lorena Saraí Lupercio

Juan Martin

Andy Martínez

Antonia Lizeth Matías

Jeryk Méndez

Gisell Méndez

Gabriel Mendoza

Mayriani Mendoza

Natalia Mendoza

Robert Carlos Mendoza

Ruby Mendoza

Kimberly Pérez

Luis Martínez

Daniel Montiel

Henry Ocampo

Yareli Olguín

Franky Oregel

Erick Ortega

Jessica Palacios

Leslie Perea

Emilio Pérez

Johnny Pérez

Jovany Pérez

Luis Ángel Pérez

Yamile Pineda

Naomi Galilea Plascencia

Citlalli Prieto

Montserrat Prieto

Alejandro Puentes

Diego Ramírez

Ethan Ramírez

Jesús Ramírez

Kevin Ramírez

Alexis Ríos

Ashby Rios

Isaías De Jesús Rojero

Edwin Romero

Vanessa Salmerón

Jocelyn Sanchez

Zaira Sánchez

Isabella Siqueira

Diana Solano

Ruby Solano

Lindsay Soriano

Sandy Suarez

Trinidad Tapia

Erika Yoselin Tomas

Maynor Toma

Karen Trujillo

Valerie Valenzuela

Rodrigo Vargas

Valeria Vargas

David Villa

Brissia Villanueva

We Celebrate with all the others who received their First Communions in the month of May


Benjamín Agüero

Kamilo Agüero

Salvador Aguilar

Ari Aguirre

Elmer Aguirre

Esaú Aguirre

Oscar Altamirano

Esmeralda Alvarado

Victoria Alvarado

Valeria Álvarez

Cesar Ambriz

André  Aquino

Jesús Ávila

Eduardo Badillo

Alejandro Balbuena

Cynthia Bautista

Sebastián Bautista

Brandon Bedolla

Joseph Belman

David Briceño

Diego Briceño

Brianna Bueno 

Braulio Calderón                                  

Emiliano Calderón

José Callejas

Mariela Callejas

Erik Canseco

Alan Cárdenas

Isabel Caro

Stephanie Carrasco

Alexandra Castillo

Alexander Cedillo

Ángel Ceja

Camila Cervantes

Itzel Cisneros

Samantha Cisneros

Jonathan Corcuera

Rosendo Coria

Evelyn Corona

Alan Cortez

Emily Cortez

Joselyn Cortez

Valeria Cortez

David Ricardo Cruz

Elián Cruz

Michelle Cruz

Ricardo Cruz

Adolfo Damacio

Guillermo Damacio

Diego Díaz

Edison Said Díaz

Odalis Díaz

Analy Esteban

Antonio Estrada

Damián Estrada

Yasmin Enríquez

Belinda Escamilla

Yudith Faustino

Aymar Fonseca

Valerie  Galarza

Luis Adolfo Gama

Sagrario Garcés

Ángel García

Brian García

Litza Valeria García

Omar García

Anthony Garduño

Janet Gómez

Vanessa Gómez

Abraham González

Andrea González

Alexander González

Ilse Jazmín González

Jan González

Jaslene González

María González Juan

Soledad González

Ángel Guerrero

Fernanda Haros

Brenda Hernández

Bruce Hernández

David Hernández

Jocelyn Hernández

Junior Hernández

Kimberly Hernández

Valerie Hernández

Lizbeth Huertero

Solei Jacobo

Kaylee Jacuindez

Rogelio Jacuindez

Ángel Jiménez

Bryan Jiménez

Jimena Jiménez

Jasón Daniel Juárez

Nicole Lastra

Christopher León

Anthony Leyva

Bladimir López

Madeline López

Máximo López

Christian Martínez

Danna Martínez

Joselyn Martínez

Marely Martínez

Rodrigo Marquina

Ángela  Mendoza

Daniella Mendoza

Evelyn Mendoza

Brian Montoya

Dayana Morales

Sebastián Morón

Ana Leticia Muñoz

Axel Muñoz

Mayerin Muñoz

Luzcero Murillo

Francisco Nájera

Emily Nava

Melissa Nava

Anela Núñez

Eduardo Núñez

Miguel Olayo

Alejandro Olvera

Uriel Olvera

Kaily Oregón

Alejandro Oros

Orlando Ortega

Aida Ortiz

Aidan Ortiz

Valeria Palacios

Dilan Peña

Iván Perea

Alan Pérez

Andrés Pérez

Jaime Pérez

Juan Pérez

Sinaí Victoria Quiñonez

Alina Ramírez

Sofía Ramón

Eduardo Ramos

Andrew Rendón

Jonathan Reyes

Leilani Reyes

María Rodriguez

Mónica Rojas

Isabella Rosas

Gilberto Sánchez

Natalia Sánchez

Valeria Sánchez

Yair Uziel Santiago

Yatziri Santiago

Steve Silva

Fernanda Torres

Peter Torres

Sergio Urbano

Danasuleyca Valdés

Ariany Vargas

Alejandro Vázquez

Emily Velásquez

Librado Velásquez

Vanessa Velázquez

Valerie Villalón

Misael Virgen

Angelina Amezcua                                            

Jasmine Isabel Bustamante                       

Sandra Alexis Calmo                                                      

Andrew Carmona                                               

Aarón Diego Castellanos                                        

Maryorit Andrea Chan                                        

Yudid Cortez               

Diego Raúl Díaz

Gabriel Enríquez

Samantha Naomi García

Virginia García

Jonathan Gómez

Yoltzin Hernández

Vallerie Lemus

Bladimir López

Abraham Ariel Magaña

Víctor Maldonado

Jennifer Olvera

Cristina Yoselin Ornelas

Manuel Pablo

Héctor Daniel Pimentel

Sinaí Victoria Quiñonez

Citlaly Ramirez

Denise Ramirez

José Adán Rivera

Leonardo Salgado

Abraham Sánchez                                               

Stephanie Dominique Sánchez

Yair Uziel Santiago

Lindsey Soriano

Sebastián Soza

Alejandro Ahron Tamayo

Anyely Xiomara Villalobos

Lenin Manuel Villalobos



Angel Chat

Angel Chat

St. Marks Women’s Guild is initiating a ministry called “Angel Chat”. 

Our goal is to provide spiritual works of mercy to those in need of prayer and comfort.


Call Sandra at 760 539 7471.