New Staff Member

Welcome Kathryn Gray!!


We want to thank Silvia Calvet, our bookkeeper, for her 6 years of   service. We will miss her and wish well as she moves up the corporate ladder in an HR position.


Welcome to Kathryn Gray our new fulltime Business Manager. Kathryn has over 26 years experience working with the Catholic Church, for the Diocese of San Jose and the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Most recently

Kathryn was the bookkeeper for St. Mary Pre-school in Escondido and Our Lady’s School in San Diego.


Knights of Columbus Scholarships


Knights of Columbus Scholarships

High School Seniors

Applications are available in the parish office for the Monsignor Thomas P. Healy Council #6979 Knights of Columbus Scholarship. 


Our Knights of Columbus Council will award scholarships to graduating high school seniors in the Class of 2019 who are Roman Catholic and parishioners at St. Mark’s. 



You can also download the information and application on-line at this link;  2018 Scholarship Information and Form

Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement, and involvement in the parish, school and community activities.


Are you interested in becoming an Altar Server?

Are you interested in becoming an Altar Server?

Do You Feel the Call  to be an Altar Server? · Are you at least 10 yrs old? · Have received your First Holy communion?

 Join the Altar Server training on Sat. Jan 19th at 1pm in the church or call 760-744-1540 for more info.


Do You Feel the Call to Serve in a Ministry?


Do You Feel the Call to Serve in a Ministry?

A call is an invitation from God to live according to his will and develop the potential in us.   760-744-1540

Altar Servers   

Eucharistic Ministers

Minsters of Hospitality (ushers)

Ministers of the Word (lectors)


Office for Cultural Diversity

Office for Cultural Diversity

The Diocesan Commission for African American Catholics invites the entire community, all generations, cultures, and faiths, to “2019 Diocesan Annual Revival — Celebrating Our Roots.”  This 38th annual event will be led by the inspiring and highly acclaimed Rev. R. Tony Ricard.  It will be on January 28, 29, 30 at 7 p.m. at Good Shepherd Catholic Church.  Don’t miss these three exciting nights, filled with uplifting prayers, amazing gospel choirs, and moving faith traditions.  The revival is a free family event! 

This will be Father Tony’s first visit to San Diego.  For more information, contact Alejandra Diaz at (858) 490-8306, or


Prison/ Jail Ministry

Prison/ Jail Ministry

 “For I was hungry and you gave me food…in prison and you visited me.”  Have you ever thought of visiting incarcerated adults and juveniles in our communities’ prisons or jails? 

The Office for Life, Peace and Justice will be conducting two information and orientation sessions for Prison/Jail Ministry on Tuesday January 8th, 2019.  Session #1 will be from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, and session #2 will be from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Both sessions will be in the San Mateo Conference Room at the Diocesan Pastoral Center at 3888 Paducah Drive in San Diego.  Both sessions are identical, and it is only necessary to attend one of the sessions.  For further information please contact Robert Ehnow, PhD at or 858-490-8375.



Stock Donations and Year End Giving


Stock Donations

A gift of your securities, including stocks or mutual funds, is an easy way to make a gift to the Church.  By making a gift of your appreciated securities, you can avoid paying capital gains tax that may otherwise be due if you sold these assets. Contributions are deductible for tax purposes.  There are no transaction fees or other costs and the full value of the sold securities benefits the parish, school or other Catholic charities you select.

For more information on making a gift please visit the diocesan website at and click on Giving – Stock Donations at the top of the screen.  Or, call Merrill Lynch, the diocese’s broker, at 800-844-0720.


Year End Giving


Why Give At Year End?

The beauty of the Christmas seasons brings us many reminders of God’s abundance and generosity.

It also gives us opportunities to spend time with family and friends and is the perfect time to reflect and give thanks for the many ways God has enriched our life.

Additionally, since tax laws intentionally encourage charitable giving, individuals who itemize their deductions can further reduce income taxes for 2015 if a gift is made by December 31.

Purpose for Year-End Giving

  • Sometimes gifts at year-end are lump sum contributions to complete a pledge or long-term commitment.
  • Some offerings at year-end are gratitude gifts or memorial gifts.
  • A gift above and beyond a regular contribution can help your parish fulfill its mission commitments and serve the Greater Glory of God more abundantly.
  • To honor the memory of a loved one with a gift is a very appropriate and meaningful way to give thanks for that person and celebrate their life during the holiday season.




Butte County/Paradise Fire Victims Update…..

Butte County/Paradise Fire Victims


Catholic Charities not only holds the victims in their prayers, they take action to provide boots-on-the-ground assistance


$3,608 was collected at our Thanksgiving Day Mass which will benefit the Paradise Fire Victims through Catholic Charities. 


Thank you for your donations