Liturgy of the Hours

From a treatise Against Heresies
by Saint Irenaeus, bishop
When Christ Comes, God Will Be Seen By Men
There is one God, who by his word and wisdom created all things and set them in order. His Word is our Lord Jesus Christ, who in this last age became man among men to unite end and beginning, that is, man and God.
The prophets, receiving the gift of prophecy from this same Word, foretold his coming in the flesh, which brought about the union and communion between God and man ordained by the Father. From the beginning the word of God prophesied that God would be seen by men and would live among them on earth; he would speak with his own creation and be present to it, bringing it salvation and being visible to it. He would free us from the hands of all who hate us, that is, from the universal spirit of sin, and enable us to serve him in holiness and justice all our days. Man was to receive the Spirit of God and so attain to the glory of the Father.
The prophets, then, foretold that God would be seen by men. As the Lord himself says: Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God. In his greatness and inexpressible glory no one can see God and live, for the Father is beyond our comprehension. But in his love and generosity and omnipotence he allows even this to those who love him that is, even to see God, as the prophets foretold. For what is impossible to men is possible to God.
By his own powers man cannot see God, yet God will be seen by men because he wills it. He will be seen by those he chooses, at the time he chooses, and in the way he chooses, for God can do all things. He was seen of old through the spirit in prophecy; he is seen through the Son by our adoption as his children, and he will be seen in the kingdom of heaven in his own being as the Father. The Spirit prepares man to receive the Son of God, the Son leads him to the Father, and the Father, freeing him from change and decay, bestows the eternal life that comes to everyone from seeing God.
As those who see light are in the light sharing its brilliance, so those who see God are in God sharing his glory, and that glory give them life. To see God is to share in life.
Dt. 18:18; Lk. 20:9; Jn. 6:14
I will raise up for them a prophet and I will place my words in his mouth.
— He will tell them all that I command.
I am sending my own beloved Son. He is truly the prophet who is to come into the world.
— He will tell them all that I command.

Thank You from Birth Choice!

Thank you to St. Mark’s parishioners and the Knights of Columbus for your help and  donations during the 2019 Baby Bottle Campaign.  

A total of $7,100 was raised!  

This will help women/couples in choosing life for their unborn children, provide material goods, parenting curriculum, and emotional support.

Birth Choice:   277 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #R                       





Gift Shop

The gift shop is located in the Church and is open 15-20 minutes before and after each Mass on the weekends.

The gift shop has all Advent Calendars, Candles and Wreaths for sale.


Blessing of the Advent Wreath

Lord God, your Church joyfully awaits

  the coming of its Savior,

who enlightens our hearts

and dispels the darkness

  of ignorance and sin.

Pour forth your blessings upon us as we light the candles of this wreath:

may their light reflect

  the splendor of Christ,

who is Lord for ever and ever. Amen.


Our Food Pantry is in Need of…

The following items are needed in our food pantry, thanking you in advance. 








peanut butter, jelly, cooking oil, canned peaches, canned corn,

bags of white rice and beans, cereal, oatmeal, waffle and pancake mix, pasta, flour, and sugar, syrup.


Day of Fasting, Prayer and Reparation

It’s no surprise to any of you that our beloved Church is in a crisis. Let us all help in this time of need. Sit back and expect others to fix the situation with dialog. As in Matthew 17:21 “This kind does not leave but by prayer and fasting.”
Only pure love can conquer evil.
Please join me on December 6th as a day of prayer and fasting. It’s only one day. You can do this! Mark your calendar.
Imagine if every Catholic around the world were to participate how God could use all that love to conquer the evil that’s infiltrated the Bride of Christ? 


Four Exorcists Urge Day of Fasting, Prayer and Reparation Dec. 6

The priests suggest the Rosary and prayers to the Sacred Heart, as well as “some form of penance, such as fastin…

San Marcos Creek

San Marcos Creek Project Video






The 214-acre project area is adjacent to the San Marcos Creek, with these boundaries: 

  • West San Marcos Boulevard to the north
  • Grand Avenue to the east
  • Via Vera Cruz to the west
  • Discovery Avenue to the south

New Features and Amenities

  • Raised roadway and bridges over the creek (at Bent Avenue and Via Vera Cruz) to reduce flooding and enhance safety
  • Widened Discovery Street to four lanes with a bike lane on the south side
  • Additional sidewalks and bike facilities
  • New community park with spaces for recreation and relaxation
  • 1.5 miles of restored and preserved creek habitat

Next Steps

  • Outreach: We’re committed to keeping you informed throughout construction and will start providing more regular updates in late 2019.
  • Construction Contractor: We’re in the process of selecting the team who will lead the project’s construction. We expect this to be finalized in the fall of 2019 upon approval by our City Council.
  • Construction Activities: Once a contractor has been chosen, preliminary work like moving equipment to the site will begin. Active construction is tentatively planned to start in early 2020 and will last two years.

Sign Up to Receive Project Updates

  • Text: Text the keyword SMCreek to 484848 to sign up for text updates.
  • Email: To sign up for emailed project updates, visit and select “Creek Project.”

Contact Us

  • Call the project hotline for more information at 877-SMCREEK or 877-762-7335.
  • Email us at


The San Marcos Creek District infrastructure will include:

San Marcos Creek District Inforgraphic


Project Progress


Are you curious about the long-term plan for the San Marcos Creek District?

Project Details

Project Progress

Project Updates

Active Projects in the Creek Area

San Marcos Creek District Vision

Our Food Pantry is in Need….

The following items are needed in our food pantry: Thanking you in advance. 

peanut butter, jelly, cooking oil, canned peaches, canned corn, bags of white rice and beans, cereal, oatmeal, waffle and pancake mix, pasta, flour, and sugar, syrup.


Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Our Lord Jesus Christ,

King of the Universe

November 24, 2019

I rejoiced because they said to me,

“We will go up to the house of the Lord.”       — Psalm 122:1


    • The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, commonly referred to as the Feast of Christ the King or Christ the King Sunday, is a relatively recent addition to the Western liturgical calendar, having been instituted in 1925 by Pope Pius XI for the Roman Catholic Church. In 1970 its Roman Catholic observance was moved to the final Sunday of Ordinary Time. Therefore, the earliest date on which it can occur is 20 November and the latest is 26 November.


Dr. Scott Hahn comes to San Diego

West Coast Biblical Studies Conference – San Diego, CA

  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church13541 Stoney Creek Road San Diego, CA, 92129 United States (map)

Join Dr. Hahn for “The Book of Acts: How the Holy Spirit leads the Church through Hard Times”!
Where: San Diego, CA

Get Directions
More details/Registration
Co-sponsored by the St. Paul Center and John Paul the Great University, the cost of attendance is $50. Register before December 15 for a 20% discount (with coupon code ‘early’).

Meet Dr. Hahn

Dr. Scott Hahn was born in 1957, and has been married to Kimberly since 1979. He and Kimberly have six children (two of which are seminarians for the diocese of Steubenville) and eighteen grandchildren. An exceptionally popular speaker and teacher, Dr. Hahn has delivered numerous talks nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics related to Scripture and the Catholic faith. His talks have been effective in helping thousands of Protestants and fallen away Catholics to (re)embrace the Catholic faith.

He has been awarded the Father Michael Scanlan, T.O.R., Chair of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he has taught since 1990, and is the founder and president of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology. From 2005 to 2011, Dr. Hahn held the Pope Benedict XVI Chair of Biblical Theology and Liturgical Proclamation at St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pa. From 2014 to 2015, he served as the McEssy Distinguished Visiting Professor of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization, University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, IL.

Dr. Hahn is also the bestselling author of numerous books including The Lamb’s SupperReasons to Believe, and Rome Sweet Home (co-authored with his wife, Kimberly). Some of his newest books are The First Society, The Fourth CupRomans: A Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture, The CreedEvangelizing CatholicsAngels and Saints, and Joy to the World.

Scott received his Bachelor of Arts degree with a triple-major in Theology, Philosophy and Economics from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, in 1979, his Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 1982, and his Ph.D. in Biblical Theology from Marquette University in 1995. Scott has ten years of youth and pastoral ministry experience in Protestant congregations (in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Kansas and Virginia) and is a former Professor of Theology at Chesapeake Theological Seminary. He was ordained in 1982 at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, Virginia. He entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, 1986.

A note from Scott Hahn…

My work is about reading the Bible — reading it with you, and reading it “from the heart of the Church.”

We are called to be trusting children of God and of the Church, our mother. My studies have led me to realize that we are privileged to read the sacred page within an unfathomable community: the communion of saints, the voices of Catholic Tradition, the great cloud of witnesses from all of history. Our guide is the Holy Spirit, working through the Church’s Magisterium.

Most importantly, we have the great gift to read the Bible in its natural and supernatural habitat: the liturgy. The Bible and the liturgy were made for one another. In the Old Testament and the New, the Scriptures presume, prescribe, and describe the ritual life of God’s people…of us…for us! The Bible gives us both the content and context of the liturgy — even as the liturgy provides our context for understanding the Scriptures. If we read the Bible as it was written, we’ll read it from the heart of the Church. It is the heart of Jesus.

All we have to do is open the Word and be open to learning about it, about Him. My work has been focused on helping you to that end. You’ll find here my books and CDs/DVDs and you can find information about upcoming events, but I’ve also added long lists of other resources which I’ve found helpful. Look, too, at the rich content on the separate site of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, the apostolate I founded, which is a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition.

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