CFC Singles For Christ

Our Vision in CFC Singles for Christ

“ Every single man and woman all over the world experiencing Christ.”

What is SFC?

CFC Singles for Christ (CFC SFC) is one of the family ministries of Couples for Christ (CFC). It is a Catholic Christian Young Adult Ministry aimed to provide a community for those who want to know Christ and discover one’s vocation (Marriage, Religious or Single Blessedness Life). CFC SFC also organizes many different activities and events aimed to help enrich one’s faith and grow to be more Christ-like.

Who can join and become a member of CFC Singles for Christ?

Single Christian men and women from 21 years old to 40 years old have to go through a Christian Life Program (CLP) to become a member.

What is a CLP?

The CLP, or Christian Life Program, is an integrated program that lead participants into a renewed understanding of God’s call to them as Christians.  Each CLP has a total of 12 separate sessions, usually held once a week.  Each session consists of three basic ingredients: teaching, group discussion, and  fellowship.

Do I have to pay anything?

There are no fees required from CLP participants. The only investment required is time and openness.


a. Why I joined CFC SFC?

“I joined this community searching for something I felt was missing. I found what was missing – God.  And I saw Him in every smile, laugh and song.” DW

“I joined to learn more about my faith” KC

Realizing that, on my own, I can never survive the spiritual stumbles and struggles I experience. I joined CFC SFC to surround myself with people who care about their faith walk as much as I do…people who would support me through my spiritual journey in as much as I would support them as well…TB

b. What I’ve learned from CFC SFC?

“I’ve learned that God is crazy! …Crazy in a good way… He is crazy for our love.” KC

“I have learned to be patient and trust in God’s crazy plan for my life.  Truly, His dreams for me are greater than mine ever were.” DW

“I’ve learned how much God loves me and how amazing truly his Grace is” IA

c. How have they grown in CFC SFC?

I have grown so much in my faith that no matter what happens in my life, even when things have a turn for the worse, I have come to trust in God’s love and actually enjoy the peace that God’s love brings, even in the worst of situations. TB

d. Why do they continue to be in CFC SFC?

“I am still in CFC SFC because there are plenty more lessons God wants me to learn, and learning/growing with my peers makes it a fun lesson.” KC

“I continue to be in CFC SFC because it’s my life, it’s all I know.  CFC SFC is practically family!” Mich

I continue to be in CFC SFC because I realize that not only have I discovered a Catholic singles community, I have actually been privileged to be introduced to a way of life that is centered in loving God and neighbor through selfless service…a way of life that offers eternal happiness as a reward, which makes every cross I encounter worth carrying for… TB


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