Do You Feel the Call to Serve in a Ministry?

  Do You Feel the Call to Serve in a Ministry? A call is an invitation from God to live according to his will and develop the potential in us.   760-744-1540 Altar Servers    Eucharistic Ministers Minsters of Hospitality (ushers) Ministers of the Word (lectors)  

Office for Cultural Diversity

Office for Cultural Diversity The Diocesan Commission for African American Catholics invites the entire community, all generations, cultures, and faiths, to “2019 Diocesan Annual Revival — Celebrating Our Roots.”  This 38th annual event will be led by the inspiring and highly acclaimed Rev. R. Tony Ricard.  It will be on January 28, 29, 30 at 7 p.m. at Good… Read more »

Prison/ Jail Ministry

Prison/ Jail Ministry  “For I was hungry and you gave me food…in prison and you visited me.”  Have you ever thought of visiting incarcerated adults and juveniles in our communities’ prisons or jails?  The Office for Life, Peace and Justice will be conducting two information and orientation sessions for Prison/Jail Ministry on Tuesday January 8th,… Read more »

Stock Donations and Year End Giving

  Stock Donations A gift of your securities, including stocks or mutual funds, is an easy way to make a gift to the Church.  By making a gift of your appreciated securities, you can avoid paying capital gains tax that may otherwise be due if you sold these assets. Contributions are deductible for tax purposes. … Read more »

Butte County/Paradise Fire Victims Update…..

Butte County/Paradise Fire Victims   Catholic Charities not only holds the victims in their prayers, they take action to provide boots-on-the-ground assistance   $3,608 was collected at our Thanksgiving Day Mass which will benefit the Paradise Fire Victims through Catholic Charities.    Thank you for your donations