Saint John Bosco room


After school drop in

Q: What is John Bosco room?

A: Saint John Bosco room is an after school program where teens can drop in at Saint Marks after school to study, build community, pray and eat. 

Q: Why do we have a drop in?

A: We thought it was very important for all teens in San Marcos to be together and help each other with homework and create and atmosphere of fun and study.

Q: When is John Bosco drop in?

A: John Bosco is every Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 6pm. 

Q: How can the community and the parish help with this ministry?

A: Our needs at this moment are used or new laptops, tutors, and young adults who can help foster a positive atmosphere for the teens to be around. 

thank you to the entire parish for all that you do in helping our youth ministry reach Heaven!


Saint John Bosco